Garden Share

Fresh Produce. Best Selection. Best Price.
Convenient Delivery Options. 
Commitment. Support.

A weekly box of farm fresh produce from your local farmers! 

Imagine picking up your produce – so vibrant and fresh just having been harvested that morning – just for you and your family. It is full of the flavor and nutrition that you’ve been missing. You feel so good just knowing that you are providing yourself and your family with quality food.

That’s only the beginning of what you get when you join Heritage Family Gardens’ Garden Share!

“It’s like Christmas every week!”

Choose your Share Size

Choose one size to determine how much produce you get each week with your share. Don’t fret much about which size to get – that can be adjusted at anytime throughout the season. You’ll also be able to add-on eggs, pastured chicken, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork from Boot Hill Farms, another local farm. 



• For 2 – 4 people or light veggie eaters

• 4 – 6 seasonal items (vegetables, fruit, herbs)

• All naturally-grown for your peace of mind

* price varies by season



• For 3 – 5 people or typical veggie eaters

• 5 – 7 seasonal items (vegetables, fruit, herbs)

• All naturally-grown for your peace of mind

* price varies by season



• For 4 – 6 people or total veggie lovers

• 6 – 8 seasonal items (vegetables, fruit, herbs)

• All naturally-grown for your peace of mind

* price varies by season

All share sizes include the following bonuses:

• Weekly newsletters with recipes, tips for storage and cooking, and more!

• Meal ideas based specifically on the contents of your box each week from Harvie.

• Weekly face time with your farmer to ask questions and share information.

• Free and discounted pricing for Heritage Family Gardens’ farm events.

What’s in the box?

 It’s up to you! 
That’s the beauty of customizing your box!
We grow according to the seasons so you’ll see a progression of availability throughout the year. From spring through fall, we grow over 45 different varieties of fruits and vegetables, so there’s plenty to choose from!

We grow a lot of staple vegetables for you to stock your fridge, as well as fun and unique vegetables that you’ll love getting to know!

Where do I pick up my box?

We have 2 pickup locations that you can choose from when you checkout… 
Vernal Pickup:   Wednesdays   4:00-6:00 pm  at Boothill Farm (3075 W. 1000 S.)
Jensen Pickup:   Thursdays       4:00-6:00 pm  at our farm (7526 E. 7200 S.)

Pickup days and times can be rescheduled through Harvie as needed.

Or choose Home Delivery!

For the local foods at the utmost convenience…
For Vernal/Maeser/Naples addresses only at this time:
Wednesdays – 4:00 – 7:00 pm

Please provide a cooler on your doorstep so your produce can be kept cool.

“It’s been a wonderful experience getting the veggie baskets… I love all the locally grown, fresh produce.”

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here’s what just a few of our Garden Share Members are saying.

Amanda Wilson

HFG Garden Share Member

“It’s so incredibly wonderful… to see where your food comes from, taste the freshness difference, know that no terrible chemicals were sprayed on them, and meet the people who care about nutrition and food enough to do this as a profession… “

Gail Sorensen

HFG Garden Share Member

“It’s like Christmas every week when we get our beautiful veggie boxes! Thank you for working so hard, to give us all a chance to purchase such beautiful, delicious, local organic produce! I highly recommend purchasing the boxes, you will not be disappointed!”

Linsey Dusin

HFG Garden Share Member

“The Garden Share program made a great deal of sense to us; we could support local farmers/families, and in return have seasonal delicious local produce!  The ability to customize our box each week has been a huge benefit; it allows us to plan weekly meals more efficiently. We are enjoying having the connection with the folks who so lovingly grow our food.” 

“We enjoy having the connection with the folks who so lovingly grow our food.”

Steps for getting the most out of your box


set your preferences 

After signing up on Harvie, your customization starts when you set your preferences. This is important so be sure to not skip it! This tells us what you like best, and what you don’t like at all.


watch for emails

Harvie will build you a box based on your preferences. On Friday prior to your pickup, you’ll get an email from Harvie telling you what’s in your box based on what’s available for harvest in the garden. 


Make changes

If you like what’s in your box, you don’t have to do a thing. If you want to make adjustments, click the link to add or switch items so you can get what you need and want.          


enjoy the journey

It’s a learning journey, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to answer questions and to offer recipe ideas, storage suggestions, video tutorials, and more!

Ready to join us? Sign up now before we sell out for the season!

 If you have questions, click here for our FAQ page. If you would like to speak with us directly, perhaps to address a specific question before signing up, text/call 435-219-8670. We’ll be glad to help!