Staying One Step Ahead of the Seasons

Although we’re only a few weeks into summer, we’re already working towards fall. Such is the life of the farmer! We always got to stay one step ahead of the seasons so we can have plenty to harvest.

We started planting in our third and final sprinkler bed late for the year last week with crops for fall, and in the next couple of weeks, we’ll plant in one of our hoophouses for fall too. The more tender crops, meaning those that don’t like the cool temps, will be in the hoophouse so we can extend the season and continue being able to harvest those crops.

Fall gardening is actually our favorite time of year to garden! So you might consider planting a fall garden this year too and see what you think…

During the fall the temperatures cool off a bit, the weeds slow down their growth and all but quit growing (yay!!) AND the bugs start hitting the road for the season once the temps drop… so it’s gardening with a much slower pace!

But we’re also enjoying summer while it’s here, while also looking forward to fall . 😉


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