Slow down and cook

You’re trying to balance all of life’s demands including cooking a healthy (and appealing) dinner for your family every night.  Sound familiar?

Does slowing down to cook seem impossible?

Everyone wants to eat healthily and feed their family nourishing meals.  So why don’t we? What stands in our way?  

One of the biggest culprits is time.  We never seem to have enough of it! The battle is real.

Yes, cooking, especially from scratch using local and fresh ingredients, takes time – there’s no denying that.  And while I’ve gained an arsenal of tricks throughout the years to streamline and simplify the process as much as possible (and I am so excited to be sharing those in our online video classroom called Local University), I’ve also come to realize that there is also so much value and beauty in slowing down and cooking homemade meals for myself and for my family.  

I’ve learned that I have to get “make dinner” off of my to-do list and change my mindset around making meals.  

Cooking nourishing meals, usually from scratch, is a priority for me.  I want the health and vitality that comes from eating well for myself as well as for my family.  However, I found that it was a priority, yet I wasn’t prioritizing my time such to actually accomplish it.  There was a big disconnect there – I wanted the end result yet I wasn’t planning my time such to get it.     

So, rather than treating it like just another task item to be done and checked off, I have worked to change my mentality to value the time I spend in the kitchen cooking for myself and my family.  Rather than rush, rush, hurry to get this done as quickly as possible, I’ve learned to schedule a sufficient amount of time for the process and then take the time to enjoy it!  

Rushing and hurrying through my meal preparation made it stressful and no-fun at all.  So I have learned that when I designate a half hour (or more for special meals) for cooking and meal preparation, it makes the work so much more enjoyable.  

I might turn on a favorite podcast, or listen to music, or invite my kids in the kitchen to work alongside me, and it makes the whole experience much more pleasant. It becomes almost an event rather than a task and I’m finding that I actually look forward to my time in the kitchen rather than dreading it. 

I also like doing bulk preparation blocks where I chop veggies to make my meal preparation going more quickly and smoothly.  It’s difficult sometimes to set aside the time, but it makes cooking meals a dream!

Can you relate? 

What helps you when you’re feeling less-than-motivated to cook?

To help you win the war and not just the battle of trying to put wholesome, nourishing food on the table each night, I’ve gathered 5 of our family’s favorite quick recipes. 

These are my go-to’s when the day hasn’t gone as planned and I need to get something on the table fast. I also plan on them when I know I’m going to have a busy day that isn’t going to leave me a lot of time for cooking – that way we can still eat a nourishing meal even though we’re busy.  

Click here to download the FREE recipe book. I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we have! 

Most of the recipes I have included in the book are what I call “hands-free recipes.”  I love when I can get something cooking and then I can turn my attention to other things – leave the room or the house even – and not have to babysit dinner.  That’s a win-win in my book!



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