Our Seed Germination Chamber

We’re so excited to have a seed germination chamber! It’s been on our wish-list for years and is most gardener’s dream. Seeds need warmth and humidity to germinate and then as they sprout and pop through the soil, they need light and moisture too. The trick is to give them just enough of the above, but not too much.

Honestly, we’ve struggled when growing our own seedlings and we’re hopeful that this investment will be the solution for strong and healthy seedlings ready for transplanting.

The grow lights are high-intensity LEDs in two different colors. It has a bottom watering system that is designed to help keep the seedlings moist but not over-watered, the balance of which has eluded us most of the time in the past. The germination chamber is also climate controlled for just the right temperature and humidity.

Mason has been working on it throughout the winter and we planted our first seeds for the year last week. And they’re already popping up! Look at those seed babies! The first seedlings of the year are always the most exciting!



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