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Although we’re only a few weeks into summer, we’re already working towards fall. Such is the life of the farmer! We always got to stay one step ahead of the seasons so we can have plenty to harvest. We started planting in our third and final sprinkler bed late for […]
“Summertime, and the living’s easy…” For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we’ve just experienced the summer solstice.  It’s the longest day of the year and that turning point when the days ever so slowly begin to shorten again. For now, however, the days are long and the temperatures are hot!  […]
Smoothies are a delicious way to start your day. Yes, you can even have greens for breakfast! I remember thinking how bizarre it was to basically make a milkshake with spinach… but the health benefits intrigued me to try. Once I did, I was sold. And I’ve found that I […]
“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”  – Robert Frost As most of us know by experience, however, taking the less-traveled road isn’t easy.  Whenever you start something new, such as a new habit or learning […]
Cooking and eating seasonally straight from the garden or farm can initially be a bit of a challenge… That because it’s very different from the typical supermarket experience! So here are some quick tips on how to eat fresh food: 1. REVERSE MENU PLAN Most of us usually plan a menu, […]
As if we needed more reasons to love asparagus, here’s another! This is such a delicious soup, warm and comforting during the spring months especially on those windy days when the soup helps us feel more grounded. Broccoli would be a nice substitute for the asparagus (or even in addition […]
As grateful as we are for modern ways of living with electricity, running water, and such, as we’ve progressed, we’ve all but left Mother Nature behind; and doing so is wreaking havoc on our bodies and minds.  Since I’ve had to learn that lesson the hard way, suffering from poor […]
Conscious eating to help combat the effects of stress This isn’t a post to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be eating. It’s well known what foods are good for us, and which aren’t. It’s also known that the quality of the foods we eat is important. It is […]
Here’s an easy yet yummy recipe that I made yesterday and it turned out so well, even the kids thought it was good! In fact, we ate it all too soon for me to even get a picture of it. I’m sure I’ll make it again soon and I think […]
Immunity just became even more important. When we have a strong gut microbiome, our digestion is strong and our immunity is strong. 4 Steps for A Strong Gut Microbiome #1 Exercise As if you needed more incentive to exercise, regular exercise promotes biodiversity in the gut flora which is fantastic […]
You’re trying to balance all of life’s demands including cooking a healthy (and appealing) dinner for your family every night.  Sound familiar? Does slowing down to cook seem impossible? Everyone wants to eat healthily and feed their family nourishing meals.  So why don’t we? What stands in our way?   One […]
Yes, winter is losing it’s hold and is finally on the way out. Wahoo! I love the winter but I also love when it’s over. 😉 To celebrate, earlier this week I made an end of winter soup using root vegetables and nourishing chicken broth based on a recipe in […]
Gonzo is our new hoophouse and our third high tunnel! (You’ll hear us refer to it either as a high tunnels or as a hoophouses… it means the same thing.) High tunnels and hoophouses are large unheated greenhouses that help protect crops from frosts and freezes as well as keeps […]
We’re so excited to have a seed germination chamber! It’s been on our wish-list for years and is most gardener’s dream. Seeds need warmth and humidity to germinate and then as they sprout and pop through the soil, they need light and moisture too. The trick is to give them […]
This recipe is new-to-us. Even the idea is new… who would have thought of baking grapefruit?! We LOVE it!  And we think you’ll enjoy it too!   This recipe is all but guaranteed to brighten your day and help you fight off the blues and sluggishness of these late-winter days. 🙂 […]
We recently had the privilege to attend the 2020 Utah Farm & Food Conference down in Cedar City, UT.  It was an amazing event! So inspiring!   We made many new connections, strengthened old friendships, and gained a lot of knowledge all while buzzing with new ideas for our farm, garden […]
I am fascinated with Traditional Chinese Medicine, are you familiar with it? I’ve been drawn to it (and other Eastern healing traditions) over the last decade and a half. My understanding of the healing traditions from Japan, India, and China is very elementary, so much so that I hesitate to […]