You’re trying to balance all of life’s demands including cooking a healthy dinner every night.

You’ve read everything you can about food and nutrition after googling your health struggles that the doctor’s can’t fix. 

You’re worried you don’t have the time or money to eat the way you want to eat, but yet you know you need to make some changes.

I understand because that’s been my health journey too. 

It’s a struggle to find the food that will help you and your family live the best life possible.   That’s why we started this business – so we could help others who are on a similar path. 

We help people who are struggling with health get in touch with the food that will heal their bodies and minds. 

Twelve years ago, I had a health crisis that changed my life forever.

Doctor’s could not help so I started doing my own research and was lead to the idea of “food as medicine.” 

Desperate for health as I was, I was willing to try anything. I decided to experiment with the evidence that changing my diet would help. And it did!

Years later, when yet another health crisis hit my son, I knew just what to do to help him.

We now commit to making it possible for others to achieve the same level of good health we did by conscientiously growing our produce and raising our animals without chemicals, healing our land, and also the families who buy from us.  

Through our experiences we’ve become passionate about health, family, and connection to God and community. We have found expression in all of these passions through farming.

As our family struggled with poor health for years, we found relief through properly raised food. Yet, it was difficult to find and also to learn new methods of food care and preparation.

Now we can provide you easy access to quality produce, as well as guide you through your journey to eating and feeding your family the way you want to. 

We love working together as a family, as husband and wife and as parents and children.  Character and closeness is forged through the real life struggles that come with making a living from the land.

Each season we marvel at God’s beautiful earth as we experience a few pounds of seeds, lovingly tended, growing into hundreds of pounds of amazingly colorful and beautiful produce! That connection is truly awe inspiring.

We consider it one of our greatest blessings to be able to share that bounty, beauty and excitement with our community!