2020 Utah Farm & Food Conference

We recently had the privilege to attend the 2020 Utah Farm & Food Conference down in Cedar City, UT.  It was an amazing event! So inspiring!  

We made many new connections, strengthened old friendships, and gained a lot of knowledge all while buzzing with new ideas for our farm, garden and business.  There is something really amazing that happens when like minded people get together. 

One thing in particular that has stuck with us is that 1% of the population in our country are farming and producing food, whereas 100% of the population needs to eat each day, and preferably 3 times!  So the issue of farming and producing food is really an important one.  

Choosing to produce that food organically – that is to say without harmful chemicals – as well as using regenerative practices is vital!  To do so will care for the land and the soil that is crucial to our being able to grow and produce food sustainably in the future.

Our food system and our food supply in general in this country are strained and it’s concerning. Mason and I feel good about the ways in which we’ve been led to farm; there are so many answers to our food crisis in this country and it all starts with farmers who are willing to step out of the norm and follow their gut when it comes to food production.  And while that is crucial in and of itself, we farmers also need the public to understand the importance of this so they are willing to pay for the extra work these farmers are going to in order to grow sustainable products and food. 

We’re excited to be implementing many things that we learned this year, while doing further research and learning even more about many fascinating new topics and options that we learned about.  

We feel very fortunate to be a part of this important cause of providing nourishing and quality food to those in our community and to be a part of a growing number of farmers who are making difficult decisions now that will lead to better futures for all.

Many thanks to Sara & Symbria Patterson and the Red Acre Center for Food and Agriculture and all they are doing to help promote farming and food in wholesome, nourishing, and sustainable ways.



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